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Haute Noël's Story

CEO, Haute Noël was born Ashley Noël Gibson February 4, 1995 in Albany, GA. Growing up Ashley loved playing with her doll heads, but didn't realize until she was older that she actually had a gift.When Ashley was 16 years old, she fell in love with the idea of custom units (wigs) after watching a few of her favorite Youtube personalities. Being the creative young lady that she is, she decided to start making her own custom units.

It wasn't until Ashley was a junior in college that she realized God had given her this gift to share with others. On April 6, 2016, Ashley then made the bold step of starting her own custom unit designing business, "Ashley Noël Customs". Clients would bring Ashley their extensions, and she would construct the unit of their choice. Ashley Noël Customs was a huge success, but Ashley ran into an  issue. Prospective clients often asked, "Do you sell hair?". When she told them that she did not, that often cause a delay in the process or sometimes caused her to lose a client. Ashley then knew that it was time to expand her business.

On November 23, 2017, Ashley launched her very own hair extension company, "Haute Noël Hair Emporium". Haute means high class or fashionably elegant, which is exactly what she and her business represents. Haute Noël Hair Emporium has gained a wide range of clientel, from college students to business professionals. Ashley loves the work that she does, and is dedicated to providing extraordinary customer service, while giving her clients the "Haute Look". 

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